The Book of Deadtime Stories!


Hello, and welcome to the homepage of "Night Shivers," a short story collection of thirteen horrific tales.


This book is guaranteed to induce nightmares and send chills running down your spine!


If you have any ordering questions, comments, or book reviews, please send all correspondence to:






I will show you fear in a handful of dust.


T.S. Eliot


"The Waste Land"

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  • Amber Gholson (Wednesday, January 16 13 01:09 pm EST)

    Loved working with the author :) he is an amazing person over all and the stories truely are spin shivering. :)

  • Yorman (Saturday, August 25 12 10:23 pm EDT)

    - Found your blog through Freckled Nest. i love the cmarea straps in your etsy shop and this journal is inspiring! your Joy bingo-type cover reminds me of my mom. your post inspires me to create my own december art journal. ^_^ thanks for sharing!

  • Plato (Wednesday, May 16 12 10:42 am EDT)

    You should consider posting one of the stories on your website so people can get an idea if it's a match for them.

  • vanessa (Thursday, June 16 11 04:35 pm EDT)

    i didn't finish the book but i really like the stories that i heard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kaileigh (Sunday, May 29 11 08:26 am EDT)

    I love reading so much!! :)

  • Karen M. (Saturday, January 01 11 02:56 pm EST)

    Really Cool...

  • Kim (Monday, December 27 10 04:20 pm EST)

    Yeah, it's that good man! Love the cover!

  • Rich B. (Monday, December 27 10 04:19 pm EST)

    Just in case you missed it, check out this book! Fun stuff folks!

  • Andrea S. (Monday, December 27 10 04:18 pm EST)

    Sweet stories. Really fun and exciting!

  • Chris A. (Monday, December 27 10 04:17 pm EST)

    I can't sleep after this dude!

  • John G. (Monday, December 27 10 04:16 pm EST)

    Could this author be the future of horror? Quite possibly.

  • Paula P. (Monday, December 27 10 04:14 pm EST)

    Fun and easy to read! Loved it!

  • Richard V. (Monday, December 27 10 04:13 pm EST)

    Chilling! I really enjoyed your book. Sweet twists at the endings of all your stories.

  • Dave E. (Monday, December 27 10 04:11 pm EST)

    I really enjoyed your website! Great work!

  • Journey (Saturday, November 13 10 05:32 pm EST)

    Lets see what cha got:

  • victoria (Saturday, November 13 10 04:37 pm EST)

    just want to check out this book thats suppose to b so scary

  • Andrea Smith (Saturday, November 13 10 01:47 pm EST)

    I will definitely be buying your book